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Zehnder is a leading manufacturer of decorative central heating radiators andtowel rails, electric radiators for the domestic and commercial market. From beginnings in Switzerland, Zehnder has a long standing history starting as far back as 1895, when Jakob Zehnder sold and repaired machinery and motorcycles in his workshop at the town of Granichen. From these beginnings expansion took place, when in 1912 Jakob and his seven sons built a factory to enter the enamelling and metal plating market.

Zehnder began producing central heating radiators in 1930, it was at this time that Robert Zehnder invented the tubular radiator, known as the Zehnder Charleston which was a contrast to the cast radiators used in those times, the Zehnder tubular radiator was a lot lighter, had better heat conductivity, was much more cost-effective to manufacture and had a more attractive appearance. This unique development has continued and Zehnder has been manufacturing and selling heating and cooling radiant ceiling panels and indoor climate systems since 1956.

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