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Bathroom Mirrors Maidstone

Mirrors are not only a bathroom essential, their clever use can also make a bathroom seem both larger and brighter. And like lighting, which in a bathroom is often divided into categories according to function, your bathroom may benefit from the addition of multiple bathroom mirrors with different purposes.

Try adding an illuminated bathroom mirror above your wash basin for day-to-day activities such as shaving, tweezing eyebrows, applying make-up and so on. Such mirrors often feature a magnified section which is helpful for close up tasks; several of our mirrors also boast a 24h digital clock to help you stay on track with your timekeeping – especially handy if you have a lot of early morning meetings, or a long commute.

Shaving mirrors are another practical purchase, and are especially useful if your eyesight is less than perfect: they can be angled and pulled towards you for close ups.

Mirrored cabinets are ideal for use instead of a standalone mirror in smaller bathrooms where everything should have a dual purpose, or where extra storage space is required.

And large mirrored surfaces can give the impression of a bathroom that’s double its true size, while small, decorative mirrors add interest to a plain or dark bathroom decor.

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